Heritage Fair: Inui

Keeping within the restrictions of Heritage Fair I am attempting to redesign, a unit of study on The Inuit for a grade 3 classroom. I would like to provide new opportunities for learners to explore this topic as well as for my learners to interact with other learners beyond our classroom. My unit will be based on the inquiry approach, where students will learn about different topics within the Inuit culture (housing, clothing, animals, etc.) and compare and contrast our communities.

Students will learn some history of the Inuit and compare and contrast past and present lifestyle of the Inuit. Students will identify and describe experiences of the past that helped shape the community and learn how the environment shaped the culture.
It is my hope to start the unit off by incorporating a tour using Google Earth. I am not familiar with using Google Earth, so I plan on playing around with this tool, to see how I can incorporate this into my unit. I am also attempting to make contact with a school in Nunavut, so my students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast our communities. As the final project needs to be presented on a board, I am also going to have my students either use voicethread, or slidestory to present their work and post it on our blog page.

Based on the LoTi I feel this project is between a level 2 and 3. Students will have access to internet for research purposes and will present their project using a form of media.

Learner Outcomes:
  • Apply exsisting knowledge to generate new idewas, or processes of the Inuit
  • Communicate information and ideas to multiple audiences using a variety or media and formats
  • Locate, organize, analyze and ethically use information from a variety of courses and media (books, internet, online videos etc.)
  • Plan and manage activities to complete a project

Here are photos of the final projects my students created for the actual Heritage Fair.
We showed the preview of our story on the smartboard as the parents viewed the projects.
Heritage Fair